Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Visit to B&N.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008....

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite authors, Jane Green, give a reading from her new book "The Beach House".

I have to admit I didn't know what to expect. I knew she was British, so I expected the accent, and I also knew that she lived in my neighboring town. What I didn't expect was something that can only be experienced in person. She was lovely. She shared a bit of her personal life when explaining the journey in writing her last two books, however, that isn't what surprised me. I was surprised because you could tell that she was truly happy and at peace in her life. I don't know her and although many say they are happy, they are not. However, she said it and you could tell she really meant it. Her happiness was infectious. You could read it on her face, in her eyes and in her mannerism. She is one of those people that you knew if you talked with, your mood would lift and wouldn't really know why.

I know that is an odd comment to say about a published author, or anyone for that matter, but it is a rare find in today's society.

I purchased her last 2 books (I own the others) and also scored a great cookbook by James Patterson. My sister and fiance were not shocked by my purchase of Jane Green's books as they knew that was my purpose to B&N, but they both had a similar comment about my cookbook purchase --- "oh wait, you bought another cookbook.....don't you have 200+ already? What's so special about this one?" I explained that it had pictures, which sounds stupid, but an instructional cookbook with more pictures than recipes is a gem in my book (no pun intended). My sister feels that my obsession with cookbooks is because I am frustrated at some unfulfilled destiny in becoming a chef and that if I were one, I wouldn't own as many cookbooks. I beg to differ. I bet that a published author owns a lot of books, more than my cookbook collection. However, my only problem is that none of my friends are published authors and can back me up.

I plan to spend my free time while looking for a job reading these books and maybe, I might even make a dish for my sister or fiance from the new cookbook if they are good.


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